Eastbound I-290/Congress Parkway (From Loomis Street to the Post Office)

As part of the overall Jane Byrne (Circle) Interchange Project, the Eastbound mainline lanes are to be reconstructed as well as the Eastbound bridge over I-90/94.  The Congress Parkway Viaduct bridge will also be rehabilitated. The work began in October 2017 and is anticipated to be complete by Winter 2019.

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The limits of the work extend from East of Loomis Street to East of Canal Street. The project will also construct proposed retaining walls on the south side of I-290, complete retaining wall repairs near the CTA and CTA Tunnel, reconstruct the Canal Street Exit Ramp and remove the existing ramp from I-90/94 Southbound to I-290 Eastbound, which will be reconstructed in a future project.

In addition to the roadway and structure reconstruction, other project work elements include, drainage, high mast interchange lighting, ITS, signing, landscaping and pavement markings.

Proposed Eastbound I-290 Features include:

  • Five mainline lanes from Racine Avenue to Peoria Street.
  • Two travel lanes will continue to the East over I-90/94 where they will join with the ramps from Southbound I-90/94 and Northbound I-90/94 to continue as three travel lanes under the Post Office
  • Rehabilitation of Eastbound Congress Viaduct structure including deck reconstruction and substructure repairs.
  • Reconstruction of the Eastbound I-290 structure over I-90/94.
  • High mast lighting at the interchange as well as lighting along the Congress Parkway Viaduct.
  • New retaining walls along the south side of I-290 and near the Canal Street Exit.
  • New sign panels throughout the project limits.
  • New ITS systems.

Traffic impacts required to construct the project include:

During construction three lanes will be maintained along Eastbound I-290 mainline at most times.  All lane restrictions will be performed using lane widths of at least 10 feet in width.  Lanes will be initially shifted north from Loomis Street to Halsted Street in order to construct the retaining walls and pavement along the south side.  East of Halsted Street lanes will initially be shifted south in order to construct the north half of the bridges.  Several ramp closures will occur throughout construction and detours will be put in place accordingly. 

Lane closures, changes in traffic patterns, reductions in the speed limit and the presence of workers and equipment create an environment that demands drivers refrain from behavior that could create a distraction. The rules are very simple: See orange. Slow down. Save lives.