Ramp NE (Northbound I-90/94 to Eastbound Congress Parkway)

As part of the overall Jane Byrne (Circle) Interchange project, the ramp connecting the Northbound Dan Ryan (I-90/94) to Eastbound Congress Parkway (Ramp NE) was closed in the Spring of 2014 for the construction of the Ramp NW Flyover.  Beginning in the Fall of 2016, the reconstruction of Ramp NE began and is anticipated to be complete by the Fall of 2018. Although the bridge was completed on time, the ramp will not reopen until after the work along the adjacent eastbound bridge is completed by Fall 2019.

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The scope of work consists of the construction of the proposed ramp connecting Northbound I-90/94 to Eastbound Congress Parkway (Ramp NE).  The project extends from just north of Harrison Street, where Ramp NE will diverge from Ramp NW and ends where the proposed Ramp NE ties into the Eastbound Congress Parkway Bridge, which will also be partially improved within this contract.

Other project work elements include bridge and site drainage, interstate lighting including underpass lighting, city lighting, signing, traffic control and protection, landscaping, urban enhancements and pavement markings.

Project Features Include:

  • Construction of Ramp NE with one 16-foot lane, 6-foot inside shoulder and 4-foot outside shoulder
  • Construction of the outside lane of the Congress Parkway Bridge adjacent to Ramp NE to connect into the future Congress Parkway Bridge reconstruction contract within the Jane Byrne Interchange project
  • New interstate signing along the Eastbound Congress Parkway Bridge
  • Improved interstate lighting

Ramp NE will be fully closed to traffic throughout the project. Lane closures on Des Plaines Street and Congress Parkway will also be needed during construction. 

Lane closures, changes in traffic patterns, reductions in the speed limit and the presence of workers and equipment create an environment that demands drivers refrain from behavior that could create a distraction. The rules are very simple: See orange. Slow down. Save lives.